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Into The Unknown

I think we can all agree that attending a bus rally in the current climate of social distancing is irresponsible. This, and the fact that GCT 113 requires an MOT test at the end of the month, has forced me to think long and hard about the bus's usage during 2020. Sadly I've had to conclude that this will be low, if at all. My plan is to wait and see whether the understandable reductions on our liberties in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic will be lifted in full or in part by July before deciding whether to put GCT 113 in for an MOT.

I can see little merit in paying the necessary fees to service and prepare the bus for MOT only for her to stand idle for the next twelve months.

I had loose plans to attend Fenland BusFest, the East Coast Run, Sandtoft and a day in Grimsby in September when North East Lincolnshire Council confirmed their Heritage Open Day proposition. All now seem likely to be cancelled. I understand that Fenland BusFest is currently shown as taking place, but I'd be very surprised if this continued, what with the numbers likely to be staying away/not wanting to travel in close proximity to others on board preserved buses and coaches.

Sadly 2019 wasn't as active a year for GCT 113 as 2018. This is NOT due to my interest waning; on the contrary I've had specific issues in my private life that have prevented me from doing as much as I'd like to with my vintage Grimsby Fleetline and I had hoped that 2020 would be the year I could get back to taking her to around six events.

Months of social distancing and possible self-isolation are, if nothing else, good for catching up with tasks. In my case this involves updating this website with images taken of GCT 113 during 2019, updating the blog with an entry from September when she, along with two other GCT vehicles visited Grimsby and the Delaine Heritage Trust Running Day two weeks later. These tasks will be undertaken over the following months and I'm hopeful that the website will be brought bang up to date in due course.

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