2020 Events

GCT 113's participation at the following events is subject to weather

Coronavirus Pandemic 
It is frankly irresponsible to attend a bus rally while the government is instructing the population to undertake social distancing. As I mention in the Blog, bus rallies attract large numbers of elderly people and also encourage many to travel in confined spaces on board preserved buses and coaches.
I had planned on taking GCT 113 to Fenland BusFest, the East Coast Run, Cleethorpes Parade for Armed Forces Day, Sandtoft Transport Festival and a day that was being organised by North East Lincolnshire Council in September. I suspect all will now be cancelled.
GCT 113's MOT is due at the end of March 2020 and I see no merit in spending the sums required only for the bus to be unused for the next year. Rather, the bus will be SORNed until such time as certainty of some sort is known.
Thank you for the many emails of support (and enquiry). I hope I've replied to them all.