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Transport Review Archive

We are delighted to be able to offer any annual volume of the Transport Review Archive for just £5, sent digitally as pdf files via WeTransfer.

Details of how to order can be found at the end of the Transport Review Catalogue, which can be viewed by clicking here.


The Transport Review Archive is the most comprehensive collection of passenger transport news and articles of its kind, covering Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire.


The Archive is the complete collection of every edition of the pioneering Lincolnshire Transport Review and its antecedents, the Lincolnshire & Humberside Transport Review and the Lincolnshire & East Yorkshire Transport Review, still published six times a year today.


The first edition of the Lincolnshire Transport Review was published in June 1963 and we've been publishing at least six times a year ever since. The Transport Review Archive has clocked up over 8,000 pages of transport news, views and fleet history and we've spent 18 months painstakingly digitising every single page for posterity... and to offer it for sale to anyone interested in passenger transport history in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire. 

Each edition covers the transport news stories of the time. From the debated Beeching Closures and their eventual occurrence in Lincolnshire from 1970, to the privatisation of the railway in 1997 and the flip-flopping of franchisees to the Direct Awards of 2021 in reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic, if it's happened in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire it's highly likely we'll have covered it over the last sixty years.

On the buses, from the replacement of pre-WWII fleets to nationalisation and deregulation in 1986 to the present day geography of local operators, we have charted the news and fleet changes of the likes to Lincolnshire Road Car, East Yorkshire, Grimsby-Cleethorpes Transport, KHCT and all their successors in finite detail - not a single edition has been printed that omitted fleet news.

Nearly 1,400 articles and reviews have been published in the Archive since 1963 and the Transport Review Catalogue that lists them all. We hope you'll find interesting articles from a particular time and consider purchasing the year(s) in question.

If you have any queries concerning the Transport Review Archive please email the Lincolnshire & East Yorkshire Transport Review by clicking here.


Below we have made available twelve random editions of the Transport Review Archive, covering the last six decades. They offer an insight into the depth and style of each edition. Please click on the dates below to view the edition.

July 1965

February/March 1971

October/November 1976

May/June 1981

January/February 1987

March/April 1991

March/April 1995

July/August  1999

May/June 2004

November/December 2010

September/October 2015

November/December 2021


If you'd like to subscribe to Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire's longest running passenger transport publication, we'd love to welcome you! To subscribe for 2024 for £15 click here. To subscribe for the remainder of 2024 and all of 2025 for £24 click here. Or send a cheque payable to 'LEYTR' to:

LEYTR, 45 Outgate, Ealand, Scunthorpe, DN17 4JD.

Be a part of history and join the many hundreds locally and around the UK who enjoy reading the very latest local transport news and our in-depth contemporary and historical articles.




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