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2017 Gallery

Photos of GCT 113 from the day she was collected from Stagecoach's Chesterfield depot have been documented on the Blog page.
Here is a selection of other photos taken of GCT 113 throughout the remainder of 2017.
A nice shot of GCT 113 leaving the Delaine Buses depot on Spalding Road in Bourne, Lincs, alongside the company's oldest Volvo Olympian, 116 (M1 OCT), which had been recently added to the Delaine Heritage Trust Fleet.
Photo Credit: Mark Hodgkinson.
Seen parked at the Delaine Buses depot in a new section that had recently been added to the site, is GCT 113 with a Delaine Buses Volvo B9TL/Wrightbus Gemini 3 on the left and significantly, GCT 30 (E930 PBE) a former Grimsby-Cleethorpes Transport Leyland Tiger/Alexander P DP51F, purchased by GCT in 1987 and recently acquired for preservation.
Photo Credit: East Mids Bus & Coach.
GCT 113 is seen departing the Delaine Buses depot after ending her first rally attendance in private ownership. The destination and number blinds for this outing were single sheets of black vinyl that my singwriter had recreated using screen grabs of old photos that depicted '17 Seafront & Holiday Camps".
Photo Credit: Mark Hodgkinson.
A very atmospheric shot can be seen here with two former Grimsby-Cleethorpes Transport vehicles reunited in the most unlikely of locations (albeit Lincolnshire still). GCT 113 meets GCT 30, where chances are both vehicles would have resided side by side on more than one occasion before at the Victoria Street depot in Grimsby.
Photo Credit: Mark Hodgkinson.
Quite a remarkable shot here, of GCT 113 alongside sister GCT 133. Both open-top double-deckers, both converted for use along Cleethorpes seafront.
GCT 133 (NJV 995) is an AEC Bridgemaster/Park Royal, and is seen loading for a trip on the Open-Top Tour.
Photo Credit: Ken Jones. 
GCT 113's lunch break saw me park her in the overspill area, which used to house visiting vehicles. On this occasion, a lack of space meant many visiting vehicles had to park elsewhere.
There wasn't a 'Grimsby Cleethorpes' display on the 1980s blind I've recreated, but there was one on the original from 1957. A little artistic licence has been used here.
Photo Credit: Matt Edwards.
A nice rear-end shot of GCT 113 undertaking one of the Open-Top Tours during the event. The '17' in the rear number box is a static piece of vinyl. A replacement blind will be fitted in due course, identical to the number blind fitted to the front.
Photo Credit: Ken Jones.
Most journeys to Lincoln City Centre and all journeys on the Open-Top Tour called at a second stop, two minutes after departing the Road Transport Museum. This was located where visiting vehicles were asked to park and enabled their passengers to reach the Museum and also others to view the visiting vehicles.
Photo Credit: Ken Jones.
A little further on from where the above photo was taken is the vantage point for this photo showing very well the bus 'at work' with destination 2X bound for Pyewipe. Today no services serve the Pyewipe Industrial Estate, opting for the relatively new Europarc instead.
Photo Credit: David Longbottom.
The long-standing Service 3C is shown on GCT 113's destination. Historically the 'C' stood for Cleethorpes. 
A nice shot and I don't recall it even being taken.
Photo Credit: Alan Smith.
This is one of the first shots taken of GCT 113 on the day of the event. Taken at the Pyke Road terminus opposite the Road Transport Museum, she has been temporarily left while I sought out Rally Control for the obligatory schedule and destination cards.
Photo Credit: KC Photographs.
Due to the ever-growing popularity of the Lincoln event, there has been a separate drop-off point to the pick-up location. Seen here dropping off after her third Open-Top Tour is GCT 113 sporting the 16 Willows & Wybers Wood destination.
This route, historically shared with RoadCar, saw many outings for GCT 113.
Photo Credit: Alan Smith.
A great nearside shot of GCT 113 departing the Road Transport Museum on her fourth Open-Top Tour of the day. The recreation of times past was attempted with the destination 15X Grimsby Docks, which again the bus would have worked on numerous occasions.
Photo Credit: Hesterjenna Photography.
The final shot I can find of GCT 113 attending the Festival of Transport at the Road Transport Museum in Lincoln is shown here and depicts the bus 'at work' operating Service 16 once again. This was displayed during the bus's third Open-Top Tour, which I deviated from to include Bracebridge Heath and Waddington village.
Photo Credit: Ken Jones.
Neil Jessup 05112017.png
A nice shot by Neil Jessup is seen here, of GCT 113 returning from the drop-off point at the Lincolnshire Road Transport Museum and heading to Pyke Road for her next trip.
The coat of paint worn was only 14 months' old and consequently the bus looks resplendent.
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