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An inordinate amount of help and assistance has been given to me in the acquisition and preservation of GCT 113. From receiving permission to use their photos on this site, to the donation of items and merchandise, I'd like to pass on my eternal gratitude to the following people:

Adam Barrett

Richard Belton

Richard Brooks

Dean Brown (McKenna Brothers)

Matt Davies (Stagecoach Yorkshire)

Anthony Delaine-Smith

Noel Edwards-Oakes

Andrew Fowler

Eric Graveling

Michelle Hargreaves (Stagecoach East Midlands)

Dave Heptinstall (Stagecoach Yorkshire)

David Hutchinson

Indicators International

Inter-Labels (Bourne) Ltd

Steve Knight (SKM Publishing)

Steve Mickleburgh

Gary Nolan

Robert Parkinson

Mark Pashley

Jeremy Price (Wythall Transport Museum)

Print & Copy Centre (Grimsby) Ltd

Andrew Reeve-Smith

Nigel Rhodes

David Russon

Daniel Shaw

Les Sims

The Bus Gallary

The Transport Library

Howard Wilkinson

Tony Wilson

And my timetable archive and repository from the 1980s and 1990s, which I knew would come in handy some day!

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