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Over 1,000 Views!

Today marked a significant milestone for this website as it recorded the 1,000th hit.

Knowing next to nothing about how to produce such a site, I always intended on producing something to mark my purchase and preservation of GCT 113. A Facebook page seemed an obvious choice, but like so many trends of today, such pages could go 'out of fashion' as fast as they came into it, so I opted for a "full-on" website, since they seem to endure other online fads.

After having a number of failed attempts at building the site, I found a very basic template that I managed to adapt with relative ease. It even offered its very own integral blog,

And the rest as they say is history.

In under a year (I first promoted the website on 1 November 2017) it has recorded 1,000 hits. I've set the counter up to exclude my IP address, so the result records actual hits. I can amend this to show unique users, though I haven't produce the site to drill down too much on statistics, more to record the history of this stalwart Grimsby-Cleethorpes Transport Leyland Fleetline.

Thank you to everyone who has visited and continues to check back to see the various updates and additions to the site, and to those who've spread the word far and wide.

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